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Other games like this one??

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Joined: 31/05/2012 - 20:44
Other games like this one??

So this is probably a question often thought when playing this game, and none of my friends play anything like this in real life so I wanted to ask all of you... Does anyone know any other games that are like star project?? Also if you could link me that would be great. X3. The only other game I know of kinda like this is, MyCandyLove. (post a link at bottom if your interested.) I like star project a lot more but its still cute as well. If any of you know similar games please share them! x3 <3 Thank you!!


Joined: 12/06/2012 - 01:20
<p>There's another game!The

<p>There's another game!The name is RE:Alistair.It's a short but fun game.</p>

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More answers on your other

More answers on your other posting of this question

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RE:Alistair is a downloadable

RE:Alistair is a downloadable ren'py game.  But it is a good one.  I'm not sure about My Candy Love though so I really can't recommend but if you want some other ren'py games to play for free you can find it at (as what Aeriandra suggested) is a good game developer as well.  One of my favourite actually. 

If you're not particular about grahpics then is another rather decent game developer.  Her latest game, Kaleidoscope is pretty good though.

Destiny stone is not bad either but you must have a facebook account to play it.



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 A really good visual novel

 A really good visual novel is (P)lanets :) I've only got one play through so far (Since it's like a four hour experience) But it's story is really fun, my only complaint would be the art is SOMETIMES (and I emphasize SOMETIMES) can be sketchy and there's not many choices to be made. But there's five endings in all and the characters are just soo... LOVEABLE (<3 Kaius :3) 

So far that's the only free otame style game ( emphazing FREE) that I can find that has any real weight to it, so I highly recommend it if your looking to kill some time :D 

Homepage for the producer:

Download Page (with the summary and everything):

Hope this is helpful :)

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@ Alyssie: I wanna hug you

@ Alyssie: I wanna hug you for having good eye/taste/standards~

Because you didn't mention it, I recommend "Frozen Essence". Don't know whether you play it before or not, but I feel that you'll definitely going to like it a lot more (unless you don't like magical stuff). Yep, it's also free, and it is hobby-made (not the type of game made by business folks).

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Ottome games

Ottome games

Joined: 07/07/2012 - 21:02
I actually found this game by

I actually found this game by looking for games similar to My Candy Love. You can't sit nd play it for more than, say- 10 minutes a day?- but its similar, and also has a plot.

And in addition to Re: Alistair (which is definitely worth the effort of downloading),  you should check out some of the developers other games. All but the most recent two are free, and they're quick downloads. Not something you play for a long time, but definitely a good for a quick otome fix.

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Are there any games that dont

Are there any games that dont need downloading? coz my dad dosnt trust it so i cant....T-T

Joined: 14/07/2012 - 16:27
Hey there Mikiko :)

Hey there Mikiko :)

games that don't need downloading are the one from pacthesis and also nummyz. here are the sites:

these games are sims. but they are much alike this one like..going on dates and stuff like that.

But still...i also don't trust downloading things. but i have kaspersky pure antivirus with what i download if 100% without viruses. if you want, just tell me what game you want and i download it, and i'll tell you if it has viruses or not ( 100% sure )---> or if it's small enough i can try to send it through mail ^^ :) my antivirus really finds all the viruses because it's updated every day ^^